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After Layoffs, Starting a Business from Scratch

Plenty of employees have visions of launching their own ventures. Layoffs are spurring some of them to make the plunge ...

You Don't Have to Ditch the Day Job

Editor's note: This column is adapted from Wright's recent post on his blog on running a sustainable Web business. In the beginning, it's not always practical to dive ...  

Does Success Hinge on a Domain Name?

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly characterized the owner of the fave.com web domain as a "cybersquatter." As readers have pointed out, the ...

Networking Around the World

Business networks made up of homogenous members benefit a startup in the beginning, but may actually hinder it later on. That's just one of the findings in Bat ...

The Entrepreneurship Myth

Entrepreneurship creates jobs and drives the U.S. economy, making smart founders and savvy investors rich in the process, right? Not so, says Scott Shane, professor of...

Starting a Business Instead of Retiring

Ric Cox retired at 55, but he didn't stop working. Instead, he launched ChicagoCondosOnline.com, a database that sells condo information to realtors and listings ...



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