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Our Mission

One focus, one focus only: Provide our clients with solutions that make sense, and help their business. Service, integrity, and honesty are our core values that effect all our business decisions. We are here to serve you.

Are you a small business looking for a web site to help market your company? Do you have a technology problem that hinders your productivity? Are you looking to manage your business information or integrate your systems?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions we can help you.

Ghonda Business Center (GBC) can provide you affordable web design and development as well as web site hosting. Our web sites are custom developed, we team you up with a graphics designer to get the look and feel you want as well as build the functionality you are looking for. We also can implement a state of the art web content management system that will put the power in your hands and allows you to have full control of your site and content. It is a fast world so we look to provide you a web site that can move at the speed of your business.

At GBC we believe one small problem is a great opportunity. We analyze your problem and design a solution that fits your budget as well as enhances your business while maximizing the use of your current technology infrastructure. Our custom software development methodology has one overriding theme, business profitability. By keeping that in mind as we develop and design solutions our decisions will result in more effecient processes and increase in productivity that will allow you to stay focused on your business and not the technology that supports it.

Data integration is a necessary evil in this day and age. Whether you are a small business, a big business, e-commerce site, retail business, or home based business there will be data that you will have to manage your business information. As a business grows you will start to implement systems to make day to day activities more efficient. In order to maximize benefits of the business systems you will need them to talk to each other. Let GBC come up with a data integration plan that works well for you.

We want to be a business partner and help you make your business as successful as possible. You can even find good information that will help you run your business on our Business Resources page or if you are a IT professionalwe help you stay up to date through our Tech News and Reference Links on the Contact page.

Our mind set is simple, success breeds success so the more successful our clients and associates are the more successful we will be.

What We Do

We create innovative technology solutions for our clients and their audiences through interactive experience as well as the development of profitable relationships.

Building profitable relationships requires a proven understanding of business and technology to provide a balanced approach to solve complex problems.

As a solutions provider our goal is to meet our client’s technical needs as well as work within their stated constraints. Whether it is consulting, web site design, custom software development, systems analysis or training. We are here to help you with with your technology.

How We Do IT

Our ability to combine many areas of technical expertise to deliver exceptional solutions for our clients is our specialty.

We focus on our clients issue at hand and provide them with options where possible in order to acheive an optimal solution.

We take the time necessary to thoroughly explain the technology to our clients to ensure that our clients know exactly what their getting and understand what we are delivering to them.

Site Samples

We take pride in all our work. With a balanced focus on the user experience and the business objectives, we're creating solutions which deliver real results. Here are a few links of clients we've worked for:





Contact us for more details about work done on posted links or more sample solutions.

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